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Welcome to Fredonia Area Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to Fredonia Area Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to Fredonia Area Chamber of CommerceWelcome to Fredonia Area Chamber of Commerce

Fredonia Wide Rummage Sale

Additional Information

As we move further into the main season of spring, we are looking at a longer stretch of Safer at Home Mandate time.  We are now to go out and about as little as possible until the end of April.  That makes it difficult to get forms and maps out to folks who would like to participate in our Annual Fredonia Wide Rummage Sale.  As a result, we are postponing the event until September when we will, hopefully, be in a more normal pattern of social interaction.  Our apologies to those who were already geared up for the scheduled May 16th event.  However, to comply with the social distancing safety measures and maximize the participants of community members in the event, we think September will be a better time frame for this interactive event.  Please remember that resale stores like Goodwill and St. Vincent are not accepting donated items at this time due to Covid 19 concerns either.  There are still online options like FreeCycle and Trash Nothing for one to one connections for item sales.  Please bring patience to bear at this time for the health and safety of yourself, your family and your neighbors.  Remember to visit www.myvote.wi.gov for absentee ballot for the April 7th votes for local, state and national offices.  Eat well, get your rest, get some fresh air out in the yard and stay well.  The more effective we are at containing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, the closer to treatments and a vaccine we will be.  Please help to flatten the curve by staying at home as much as you are able, support your local businesses both online and through curb side pick-up, participate in church services and devotionals online and on tv and enjoy this time to be present for your family and indulge in the DIY projects you've been otherwise putting to the side.  Best wishes and God bless!